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Nutrient Partitioning

In the battle against being small, weak, and unable to build the amount of lean muscle we desire...The scales have FOREVER been tipped in our favor.


  • Larger Improvements In Strength VS. Placebo
  • Increased Lean Muscle Gain VS. Placebo
  • Greater Fat Loss With A Controlled Diet VS. Placebo

Improved Muscle Retention

PA(7) is one of the most sought after additions to the already extensive HPN lineup. After being put through multiple independent studies, the results were something no one expected. Its ability to promote lean muscle growth is making it one of the most anticipated products in the fitness market! PA(7) is formulated from the beneficial components of phosphatidic acid (PA). This groundbreaking nutrient was only recently uncovered within the intricate structures of plant biology, making PA(7) a naturally sourced muscle enhancing supplement. What sets PA(7) apart is its unrivaled position in the market as one of the true natural supplements that is making it easier for thousands of Americans to experience considerable health benefits such as: healthy muscular growth, improved muscle retention, and ease of fat loss.


Promoting Healthy Muscle Growth

PA(7) works on a cellular level to optimize the body’s natural process in promoting skeletal muscle growth. Multiple independent studies found that PA supplementation produced considerable benefits in promoting muscular growth and subsequent strength gain.

In combination with a committed strength training routine, PA(7) has the power to significantly benefit your health. However, it can also be beneficial to anyone looking to promote muscle retention. As we age the body becomes susceptible to diminished strength and excess fat. By targeting one of the primary sources of muscular growth in the body, PA(7) taps into the body’s natural ability to promote healthy muscle.


Triggering mTOR Receptors

Within the human body, the receptor mammalian target of rapamycin, known as mTOR, has been reported as essential for the growth of skeletal muscle. Scientists have discovered that the body can trigger this receptor to take action by supplying it with PA.

Several studies have concluded that PA supplementation is sufficient in triggering a response from the mTOR receptor. In fact, it has exhibited noticeable effects on strength development. PA(7) serves as a consistent and reliable source of PA to promote muscular development by triggering the mTOR receptor, making it an essential fitness supplement.

PA(7) FAQs

What is PA(7)?

PA(7) is derived from the same component found in the most extensive studies conducted by the Journal of International Sports and Nutrition. It is specifically engineered to speed up lean muscle gains and protect muscle retention while shedding excess fat. Its key advantage is that it is formulated from a natural component hidden deep within plant biology that was previously untapped in the nutrition world.

How do I use PA(7)

For Light To Moderate Training:
To use PA(7) take 2 capsules per day immediately upon waking or 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercise. Individuals looking to combat age related muscle loss may start with this dosage and increase as desired.
For Intense Training:
On workout/training days (up to 6 days per week) take 4 capsules of PA(7), 30 minutes to 1 hour before workout/training session.

What does PA(7) do?

It’s actually simple. Scientists have discovered that phosphatidic acid, PA, plays a critical role in signaling the mTOR receptor to promote skeletal muscle growth. It was discovered that supplementing PA was enough to encourage the body to more efficiently synthesize protein and promote muscle growth. This enables the body to make lean muscle gains while also ensuring muscle retention over time.

What will I “feel” when taking PA(7)?

Because PA(7) works at the cellular level, most users will not “feel” its effects. Rather, you will see them when you look in the mirror, when you’re lifting weights you couldn’t do before, and with overall improved muscular health.

Is PA(7) safe?

HPN has safety and quality control protocols that go beyond industry standards. That is how HPN has gained a loyal following among professional athletes and distinguished organizations such as the BSCG and Olympic Committee. Furthermore, the Journal of International Sports and Nutrition has published the results of their study which found PA to be beneficial in producing lean muscle gains and contributed to preventative measures for muscle retention.

Is PA(7) different from other nutritional supplements?

Yes. PA7 is a proprietary formula and the only scientifically proven muscle enhancing supplement in its class. PA is an essential component of the body that promotes skeletal muscle growth and PA(7) helps to promote this natural biological process.

Can I take PA(7)?

PA(7) has been tested for safety and is approved for anyone looking to enhance their muscular health. Whether you’re hitting the gym and looking to gain lean muscle mass or looking for preventative measures against muscle loss, PA(7) is a must have. Of course, we do recommend you contact your personal physician for any additional questions. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition indicated that PA safely benefits skeletal muscle health. (https://jissn.biomed­­articles/­10.1186/­1550-2783-9-47). Finally you can improve skeletal muscular health with a natural solution. PA(7) has been extensively studied and proven to work, making it one of the most sought after supplements on the market!

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    Posted by Anthony bracken on Aug 22nd 2017

    On my second bottle. Works great, even with a lower calorie diet, still increasing strength gains .
    Thanks for an awsome product