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EBOOK: The Book Of Fatalaties - Burnouts & Finishers

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EBOOK: The Book Of Fatalaties - Burnouts & Finishers

The Book of Fatalities

Burnouts & Finishers

The Book of Fatalities...I call finishers 'Fatalities'.

The purpose of Finishers is to absolutely destroy you at the end of the session for the specific body part trained. It is important in my program to get to muscle failure.

If you feel you have more in you, then you need to keep going!


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    Posted by Chris Campbell on Feb 2nd 2017

    These finishers are blood pumpers, felt like my chest and back were about to burst open. Thanks can not wait for the rest of the body parts, Arms, shoulders and more back. for arms i just do 21s or 1-10 rest pause that you usually do with a partner. but I do it solo.

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    U have to try this

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 26th 2016

    Try the fatality 1 after your chest workout and you will have a crazy pump in your pec's

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    No joke

    Posted by P Swole on Aug 26th 2016

    This was one of the toughest burnouts. It's great for muscle failure, and building new muscle fibers. Mike and the crew knows his stuff.

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    Posted by Unknown on Apr 1st 2016

    The finishers that come with the book are nuts! I've truly hit failure using these fatalities and my muscles we EXHAUSTED. I just wish it was more that chest back and legs

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    Only God can help you

    Posted by Troy on Jul 29th 2015

    Listen....this is going to be a long rant so get ready.....I ordered this ebook thinking ok it can't be all that bad because there isn't anything for back, ahoulders, or arms.....however I did see some extensiveness for legs....I say aight since that is a lacking area for me I will ease into working out legs by just doing the fatalities for the leg portion....then once I ace that I am going to purchase the two leg program.....let me tell you something....I did 75 percent of the leg part for two reasons...number one I didn't want to be late for work...number 2....there was NO WAY I could I am. Walking like a 85 year old legs buckle for reason at all, I have never in my life did a leg workout that made my butt's unreal.....I use my arms on the rails to get me down the steps....I can't really use my legs. I tell you what ...if by some remote chance I win this contest and get to workout with this torture inflicting man named Mike Rashid? ...they will be carrying me out on some kind of medical cart....I say all that to say get this's cheap and it will beat the living !@$! Out of you if you do the required make matters worse I started with just the bar on these exercises and still got. Killed......rant over